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sperm bank open for deposits

36yr old Female   London, United Kingdom

Most of you know who i am but for the ones just tunning into my life here is a lil bit about// The Name is Fanchesca Wesley 9/84 which makes me 24..Im very outgoing,funny,cute, and just CRAZYYYY !!. Im always confused,but i do know that MY FAMILY means the world to me e I LOVE ANIMALS, MY DOGS ARE MY LIFE. I have an obbession with music and like most girls SHOPPING, Im in my first year of college which sucks by the way ! I finish Nursing yeah one sexy nurse huh ?? =]~ ..I love kids and i cant wait to become a “mom”, something about them just completes my life. Anyways Im probally one of the biggest bitches ull ever meet and I dont care what anyone says i wont change for anybody.I cant stand DRAMA or LIARS, i try to avoid it all as much as possible.I dont like to use the word hate, but in some circumstances i really hate girls who wont give up with the drama, and act like complete sluts for attention. !!! friends? My “friends” have been part of the family since i was born .. e im into partying, as i always do.. u have noo ideaa going out wiht me in the CLUB!! ….People who know me know what im about im always DANCING,Singing even though i sound like shit// haha but really who cares? I Love to just hang out with my friends and have fun. I love being immature but when its time to get serious and be mature im always on top of that. Thats not all you really need to know about me .. Theres still more and if want it you can catch me as i ring you up! So leave your contact and some of your infos that will catch my attention!!

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