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Shy male, suffers from epilepsy

43yr old Male   Warwickshire, United Kingdom

I’m looking for any females any age to help me with showering myself just in case I have a epileptic fit.
Also I’m looking for some help with having sex if you read my profile I’ve only had the 1 girl and I’m nearly 39 I
know sad isn’t it.
I just want to be loved and I wouldn’t mind having some kids.
Today is Xmas eve just been out shopping
had a bit to drink on the way home 3 girls was watching me stumble up the road. I was just walking past the park then I was taken by the hands and I looked around it was the girls who was laughing at me eventually I feel over now I’m lying on the floor with 3 girls they pulled my trousers and boxer shorts
I just let them do what they wanted to me so they wank and sucked my penis, that’s the first time with in 11yrs that
my penis has been touched or sucked by a girl it felt nice.
Then I cum I still had my eyes closed at
least 5mins went by with out anyone touching me so I opened my eyes the girls had gone. I thought fuck it I’ll just lie here bit longer then I herd voices now a woman was kicking ball around with a lad and girl.
I tried to pull my bottoms up I wasn’t quick enough little girl sees me her mum is gettin closer I just stud up she was going to see me anyway and walked off as quick as possible she asked me what I was doing I just ignored her then she shouts I’m going to ring the police it was lucky because I was only yards away from my house.
Hope it happens again lol but some where
more private.

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