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mistress looking for slaves

47yr old Bisexual Female   Fenton MI, USA

If youre here its because you know your place is nowhere else but at

My feet. You have an irrepressible urge to serve Me and to belong to

Me, and this need is taking the best of you and is rapidly growing

into an obsession. Rest assured, I WILL give your pathetic existence a

purpose, by allowing you the privilege of serving Me.

However, I only surround Myself with serious and devoted slaves who

vow to serve Me as their Queen and be of the very best use they can be

and nothing else. Therefore, I wont lose My precious time with

wannabees. If you say youre gonna do something, you better do it or

you will be discarded in a second. Though you might think youre up

for the task, you probably arent. I am VERY demanding and hard to

please. This is why I will not take ALL applications to become a

servant and slave. In order to make a cut between phony big

talkers-small doers and real, devoted slaves, I proceed with a

rigorous selection process.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if you TRULY can afford

all this—- both financially AND mentally. If you are indeed

profoundly convinced you can be a great slave (good isnt even getting

close) , then you can move forward with the first step: getting My


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