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Mistress available for loyal sub, slave

32yr old Bisexual Female   Cardiff, United Kingdom

I am happy as long as you are doing exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. You will obey me. You will be loyal to me.

If you are lucky enough to be chosen to be my slave you will be at my beck and call for whatever I want. When I want. I will belittle you, humiliate you and talk down to you in which ever way I see fit. You will do what I demand of you or risk total humiliation and disgrace.

My wish is your command.

Do not even consider offending your mistress by asking for sexual acts. You will receive nothing from me, I will be highly disgusted and I will punish you accordingly.

Your limits time and money wise will be set before our relationship commences. These limits will be respected fully by me, in return I expect your full and total compliance and obedience.

Tributes and gifts non negotiable requirement. Let me rape your wallet.

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