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43yr old Male   Blackburn, England

Ciao Sexy Attractive Big Busted Female. My name is Michael Michele, 27, Italiano, Sexy, Good Looking, Slim Built Body, Dark Hair and Brown Eyes. Live in Blackburn, Lancashire,

England, UK, and I am looking for Adult fun and Sex, and love Big Tits!!. Email me, if you are a Sexy Attractive Big Busted Female. If you are looking for Adult Fun, for a meeting in

person, then email me your home address and ill come to visit you, if you want me to, and come to my place, anywhere(email me and ask me), when you visit Blackburn, England, and send

me your pictures, where you from and live, you live alone, are you single. I’m on msn messenger(if you have it, add me or ill add you), if you want to meet with the name Michael

Michele, and on yahoo messenger(if you have it, add me or ill add you) with the name mickthexxxitaliano. My email address is ******* Do you have a webcam. xxxxxxxxxx

We can write to each other by post if you want(let me know by email).

Michael(Michele) Sexy Good Looking Italiano

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