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  Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Luxury Sex doll metal squeleton 65 inc 3 openings
  • Height: 59.4 inc
  • Weight: 68.3 lbs
  • Breasts:  bust: 36.6 inc, waist: 19.7 inc, hips: 33.5 inc
  • Vagina/Anal/Oral/Breast Sex with tongue!
  • Metal skeleton
  • Teeth and tongue
  • Realistic Touching Feeling 
  • Fixed vagina

Hi I am Jasmine. I am beautiful, tall and amazing body. I have a pretty face with full lips and a very sexy tongue.

I love the face of these dolls. Sometimes I have the feeling they are going to talk to me from one moment to another. Their gestures are kind and angelic, with very realistic expressions. The bodies can have different forms depending on the tastes of each person. It can be an athletic body with small breasts and extra-long legs or a voluptuous type with big breasts and very developed butt. I mean you can adapt them to your likes in order to get the most pleasurable experience.

Once the order is placed, we will contact you in order to know how you want your doll to be and being able to customize it in order to finish it as you want. The duration time of productions is normally about 20 days depending on the type of doll. To this time should be added a maximum of 5 days of shipping, although it also will depend on the delivery place.

Our shipments will be done in a package with no publicity, logotype nor advertisement that could reveal the content of the shipment.

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