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Jakarta Sex Tour

24yr old Male   London, United Kingdom

Hi to all,
Have you tried to go out to look for a massage parlor or a KTV or an escorts service that are nice but you do not get rip off?
Well we would take all the hassle away from you and arrange an itinerary that you will just sit back and enjoy.

We do the night tour almost everyday, the tour could fitted for a
person or a big group.
We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel and
start your tour from there.
We do not have a set tour, being not all our clients are not new to
Jakarta and Jakarta have about 12,****** and counting night spots;
including night clubs/ adult entertainment, disco, message parlor,
brothels, KTV’s, spas and escorts. We do custom tour, like a tailor
would fit a client to his every needs until satisfactions is met.
If you want us to arrange something for you, please let us know what are your requirements, and your length of stay and what kind of
accommodations, transports and which kind of activities you would like
to do, and we could start from there.

Best regards.

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