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Gorgeous Japanese Love Dolls, Life Likeand Part Solid.

  LONDON, United Kingdom

Gorgeous Japanese Love Dolls, Life Likeand Part Solid.

1. Height of ******-******cm, measurements: ******cm 80cm 60cm;

2. Skin thickness: 15-20mm

3. ****** pound force/******kgs;

4. Soft silicone gel genital and nipple;

5. Quite large soft breasts;

6. Vagina and anus, can anal sex;

7. Silica gel genital split design can be used independently as a masturbation cup.

8. Real love “make a sexy sound” by adjusting automatically;

9. Multi-speed adjustable Love egg;

10. The entire doll
s temperature of 37.5 degrees design by adjusting automatically;

11. imported medical grade silicone.

2. Feature:

Thickness: the thickness of silicone soft skin, very soft and smooth, like real flesh

Waterproof: All models are solid, insoluble in water

Pollution: Nothing can stick to doll body, easy to clean

Durable: the repeated use of long periods of time, won
t damaged

Lifelike: in strict accordance with the correct proportion of mold from a real person

Security: Advanced non-toxic silicone material, the body is absolutely safe, non-toxic, no odor

Convenience: general secondary bag or travel case can hold, you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Temperature: 37.5 degrees body heat of vaginal function.

3. Free Gift:

Condom*2box, Inflatable Pump*1set, underwear*2set, silk stockings*1pair.

4. Material:

This product is top grade soft silicone and imported non-toxic PVC by senior medical soft material is refined, smooth feel comfortable; inflatable use; This product is semi-solid baby (head chest, arms and legs are forming two-hole structure, without inflation)

The picture what you see is what you get (excluding clothes)

******.00 Inc p + p

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