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Ebony Phone Goddess

  Phone Me, Canada

My name is Avalon and I have been enjoying phone sex for a number of years. I specialize in everything from straight sex to bdsm.

A good slave session usually includes lots of penetration and pain toys like clamps, ice cubes, clothespins, dildos, rubberbands, bengay/icyhot, rope, string, spatula, wooden spoon and a rubber mallet. Not every session I do includes toys. I enjoy a good vanilla session with a fuckable cock that wont quit. In my personal life I am bisexual and I see quite a few men and women on a regular basis. I like it that way. I was in a very long relationship that had alot of ups and down and right now I enjoy my independence.

Things about me? I love to dance, I love music, parties, people, shopping, socializing, going to the gym, swimming, being naughty, sinful acts, almost getting caught, sex in unexpected places with unexpected people.

Types of BDSM I like, include:

Abrasion Anal sex Anal plugs (small) Anal plugs (large) Anal plug (public, under clothes) Arm and leg sleeves (armbinders) Aromas Ball stretching Bathroom use control Beating (soft) Beating (hard) Blindfolds Being serviced (sexual) Being bitten Brainwashing Boot worship Bondage (light) Bondage (heavy) Bondage (multi-day) Bondage (public, under clothing) Branding Bruises Cash Cages (locked inside of) Caning Cattle prod (electrical toy) CBT Cells/Closets (locked inside of) Chains Chamber-pot use Chastity belts (short term) Chastity belts (multi-day) Chores (domestic service) Clothespins Cock rings/straps Cock worship Collars (worn in private) Collars (worn in public) Control Corsets (wearing casually) Corsets (trained waist reduction) Cross-dressing Cuckold Cuffs (leather) Cuffs (metal) Diapers Dildoes Double penetration Enemas Enforced chastity Erotic dance (for audience) Examinations (physical) Exercise (forced/required) Exhibitionism (friends) Exhibitionism (strangers) Eye contact restrictions Face slapping Fear (being scared) Financial Food play (cucumbers, sorbet…) Foot worship Forced dressing Forced eating Forced homosexuality Forced heterosexuality Forced masturbation Forced nudity (private) Forced nudity (around others) Forced servitude Forced smoking Full head hoods Gags (cloth) Gags (inflatable) Gags (phallic) Gags (rubber) Gags (tape) Genital sex Given away Hairbrush spankings Hair pulling Hand jobs (giving) Hand jobs (receiving) Harems (serving w/other subs) Harnessing (leather) Harnessing (rope) Having food chosen for you Having clothing chosen for you Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) Head (recv fellatio/cunnilingus) High heel wearing High heel worship Hot oils (on genitals) Hot waxing Housework (doing) Humiliation (private) Humiliation (public) Hypnotism Hypnosis Ice cubes Interrogations Kneeling Latex Leather clothing Leather restraints Lectures for misbehavior Licking (non-sexual) Lingerie (wearing) Manacles and Irons Manicures (giving) Massage (giving) Massage (receiving) Medical scenes Mind Control Money Modeling for erotic photos Mouth bits Name change (for scene) Name change (legal, permanent) Nipple clamps Nipple rings (piercings) Nipple play/”torture” Nipple weights Oral/anal play (rimming) OTK Over-the-knee spanking Orgasm denial Orgasm control Outdoor scenes Outdoor sex Pain (mild) Pain (medium) Pain (severe) Phone sex Piercing Prison scenes Pony slave Public exposure Punishment Scene Pussy/cock whipping Pussy worship Riding crops Rubber/latex clothing Scratching Serving Serving as art Serving as ashtray Serving as furniture Serving as a maid Serving as waitress/waiter Serving orally (sexual) Serving other doms (supervised) Serving other doms (unsupervised) Sexual deprivation (short term) Sexual deprivation (long term) Shaving (body hair) Shaving (genital hair) Shaving (head hair) Shopping Skinny-dipping Sleep deprivation Slutty clothing (private) Slutty clothing (public) Spandex clothing Spanking Speech restrictions (when, what) Spreader bars Standing in corner Straight jackets Strap-on-dildos Strapping (full body beating) Swallowing semen Swapping Swinging Tampon Training (in ass) Tattooing Teasing Thumbcuffs (metal) Tickling Trance Triple penetration Uniforms Including others Vaginal dildo Verbal humiliation Vibrator on genitals Violet Wand (electrical toy) Voyeurism (watching others) Voyeurism (your Dom w/others) Video (watching others) Video (recordings of you) Waxing (hair removal) Wearing symbolic jewelry Weight gain (forced) Weight loss (forced) Whipping Wooden paddles

I have many websites with many of my pictures:

You can reach me directly at ****** international toll-free number and i can accept visa or mastercard over the phone.

I must go….. I have to go get ready for a threesome I
m having tonight with a sweet sexy couple.



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