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Colchester,Courteous,Presentable and Ready To Please to Perfection!

60yr old Male   Colchester - Essex, United Kingdom

Single Guy and fully experienced and Trained Massuer with no ties, available to Escort/Vist Ladies. I am interested in all things in life and usually with a completely different point of view than the usual Mass Media.

I am 47 years old, 5’6″ tall, Slim Build, Well Spoken but am also very lucky to look 15 years younger! I am an educated and very Broad Minded man to say the least and very difficult to Shock.

I enjoy pampering my date, ensuring she is made to feel special and ensuring that her time with me is never wasted! (If this is what my date enjoy’s?)

I also have, quite a different outlook to life than the average person on the street and suspicious of most Local/Government Departments and Agencies. At the same time, I am a very Easy Going Guy, with heaps of Patience and a Good Ear for Listening if needed.

I enjoy Pampering my Partner and making them feel Special! (But then, all my Dates are Special, and I never Forget that Fact!) Sensuality is a big thing of mine, I hate to rush ANYTHING, and enjoy devoting every minute into a pleasure for both, One way, Or any other. (As Required)

I can be available for any request’s, Whim’s or Fancies, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, ****** Days a Year. Nothing is too much to handle and will Bow to any request’s, NO MATTER HOW BIG SMALL or unusual it may seem? Just send me an E-Mail or Text Message descibing your Perfect Evening, together with any Special Request’s, (Morning, Afternoon or night included) and I will reply within the hour. E-mails are also replied within the hour if a text message is recieved alerting me to a new E-Mail for me to read.

ALL E-MAIL and TEXT’S recieved by me, will ALWAYS attract a reply, EVERY TIME! A Photo is also nice to recieve, but never essential. Also please be assured of my complete and absolute discression and any name/email addresses recieved by me, will NEVER EVER be sold to any Company or Individual. I believe in a persons privacy ******% and would expect the same to be true of any person I meet.


The 10 favourite words relating to me, I Believe, are: Cleanliness, Discression, Politeness, Caring, Sensual, Touching, Trusting, Honesty, Respect and Kindness. I take people for who they are, NOT, What They are. I have no discrimination relating to Colour, Religeon, Size, Height, or Nationality. We are all humans in the end and as such, I Treat my dates in a way I would Liked and Prefer to be Treated.

I am also never critical of any other persons beliefs or opinion’s, Yet I do enjoy a Good Discussion if I have enough knowledge of any subject that allows me to make a reasonably informed opinion, with the option of being able to change my mind if more information became available!(Basically, using a women’s perogative for myself!)

I derive pleasure from ensuring that the person I am with feels relaxed, safe, confortable and satisfied. Furthermore, Time is never an issue with me and I make a point of making sure one is never interupted, unless they wish to be?

If you simply wish to spend the time with me, at an address other than your own, you are very welcome to be a guest in my own, clean, Tidy, Relaxing and Calming Abode. Here I can Massage your whole body, using Genuine Essential Oil’s, into a Tension Free State

I Charge NO FEE’S Whatsoever. The only thing I ask is the person with the Appointment/Date/Booking pay for all the Food and beverages, including any admission Fee’s if applicable. If I am required to drive, I am quite happy to bear the cost of any fuel and/or motoring charges.

I hope this Profile give’s a little insight into how you might exchange your (Spare?) Time into a period of unashamed, Stimulated Sensuality in the knowledge that your Privacy is treated with the utmost of respect, as well as the confidence in knowing that your personal details are not held on any file of mine, and as such treated with the utmost of discression, as well as the fact that Hygeine and Cleanliness are treated seriously, without compulsion!

PLEASE? Don’t be SHY, I won’t laugh or make Fun of you If you wish to know anything at all, or have any requests for me to consider, to arrange a time and/or a place to meet or maybe just simply want some nice, pleasant and intelligent male Company without any string’s or Ties in a Relaxed and Calming Atmosphere and where all the attention belongs to you, THEN:

E-MAIL ME AT: ******* />
TEXT ME ON: (******) ******

PHONE ME: (******) ****** (EASY NUMBER!) = ****** JULIAN


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