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Are you fed up of no sex life?

33yr old Male   London, United Kingdom

Hi there,

I always think honesty’s the best policy so based on the other ads I’ve seen first things first – I’m afraid I’m not able to promise ****** mind blowing orgasms in five minutes, the largest penis you’ve ever seen or any of the other hilarious things that people seem to be posting around here. Right, now that’s out of the way hopefully you’re still reading 😉

Basically, I’ve got to the point where although I’m happy being single at the moment and haven’t really got time for a relationship, what I’m really starting to miss is physical intimacy – everything I guess from a good kiss and cuddle to sex. So I’ve been hoping there’s a female out there in a similar position who like me, is happy being single, but also like me is interested in getting back a sex life. A one-off would be ok, but if we got on something regular would also be great.

A bit about me – I’m in my mid-twenties, tall, quite tanned, intelligent, fun to be around with a good sense of humour and take care of myself. So if you’re fed up of not having a sex life and up for a bit of excitement it’d be great to hear from you.


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